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Jonathan Papelbon Fist Pump Photo: American League Wild Card chase – Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles. "Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon celebrates after recording the final out of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles Tuesday, September 27, in Baltimore. Jan 25,  · From his glare on the mound to the fist pumps after a save, we know Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon is as intense as they come when it comes to baseball.

Jonathan Papelbon sealed a victory with a fist pump, a reaction that certainly didn't offend the Phillies fans. May 11,  · Twenty minutes ago, Jonathan Papelbon struck out Carl Crawford to seal a Red Sox victory over the Rays. By putting two runners on, Papelbon made it excitin That Huffian fist pump becomes the.

Jun 21,  · Papelbon’s saves unfold the same way: strike after strike, some feeble swings, at least one punchout, a giddy fist pump when it’s over. He invariably strikes out the last guy for dramatic effect. My favorite running subplot has been the postgame greeting between Papelbon and Jason Varitek, who jogs to the mound with an impressed smile. Maybe that's why Papelbon's fist pump after striking out Nick Punto on Friday night seemed pronounced as he and the Phillies drew first blood with a 6 .