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Symmastia, or webbed breasts, is a rare congenital breast deformity which results to the webbing of the two breasts right in the middle of the chest, connected via a soft, web-like tissue. This would look like there is only one breast, instead of two. Pressure under breasts, around front of rib cage GMillard 5 years ago. Add an Answer. Answers. Answer View More Anonymous: Unfriend Friend Requested Friend: Load More. Close. COPDsocial posts are monitored by Vice President of Patient Experience and COPDsocial Community Manager.

Sep 12,  · Generally, a breast augmentation can be combined with a mastopexy in those women who want to enhance their breast volume, but also address concerns with breast droopiness. The implants are used to enhance the volume, whilst the breast lift allows repositioning of the breast tissue and the nipple. Oct 19,  · Cording after breast surgery AWS is usually a side effect that occurs after surgery to remove a sentinel lymph node or multiple lymph nodes from the area of your underarm. This procedure is most Author: Diana Wells.

Mar 09,  · Most people with breast cancer need to have at least one of these surgeries. Scar tissue from surgery to the chest area to remove the cancer itself also can contribute to cording. If you develop axillary web syndrome, you'll often be able to see and/or feel a web of thick, ropelike structures under the skin of your inner arm. Dec 26,  · These are basically a piece of tissue or a cloth that you stick in your bra, under each boob. They usually come in a patented shape — a triangle of some sort. The idea is to have the paper or cloth.