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the history of female condom - History of The Feeding Society with Vee Valentine

Women's health advocates called for the development of female-controlled barrier methods and microbicides beginning in the early s, and following a vigorous campaign, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the female condom in Apr 26,  · An Italian doctor by the name of Gabrielle Fallopius (for whom, coincidentally, the female fallopian tube was named) suggested that linen sheath condoms be used to protect against syphilis, a deadly epidemic at that time in history. s.

May 15,  · History of the female condom The female condom was developed as an alternative to male condoms, in recognition that the decision to use male condoms was highly dependent on the willingness of the male sexual partner as the male condom is fitted onto the male sexual organ. Mar 24,  · The female condom was supposed to be a gamechanger. Originally conceived by Lasse Hessel—a famous Danish inventor who patented a number of health-related creations—the female condom patent was purchased by Wisconsin Pharmacals in the late ’s. It was the height of the AIDs crisis and the twentieth-century women’s health movement.

Sep 16,  · The Danish doctor, author, and inventor first developed his version of the female condom in It wasn’t until that Mary Ann Leeper from the Wisconsin Pharmacal Co visited Hessel in Copenhagen to see his product. It was polyurethane loose fitting sheath with a flexible ring at each end, unlike the previous feminine sheath options. Abstract. Early versions of a female condom were available in the s and s, but they were little used and soon forgotten. It took the arrival of AIDS, and the urgent need for a wider range of female-controlled barrier techniques, to rekindle scientific interest in this method. In the s, three groups in Europe and the USA began development of new female condom .