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Involuntary movements, better known as uncontrollable and unintended jerking, tics, or muscle twitches may occur for many reasons. These include nerve damage (which may cause muscle spasms), drug use, tumors, brain injury, stroke, or long-term use of neuroleptic medications. The movements may be minor and infrequent, or dramatic and ongoing. Dec 20,  · facial dystonia, a disorder that leads to involuntary movement of facial muscles If facial tics start in adulthood, your doctor may suspect hemifacial spasms. What .

Dec 15,  · Tardive dyskinesia mainly causes random, involuntary movements of the face, tongue, lips, or jaw. Oct 16,  · Involuntary movements are commonly called tics, tremors, or dystonia. Common characteristics of myoclonus or muscle jerking Myoclonus is muscle jerking, in which the muscles suddenly tighten and release. Everyone has experienced this with hiccups or "sleep start," the sudden jerk that may happen just as a person falls asleep.

TD is characterized by repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements such as grimacing, lip smacking, eye blinking or rapid leg and arm movements. The condition can be quite embarrassing because it cannot be controlled. TD may be mild and reversible in many cases.