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Before a game in , the famed NBA referee, Earl Strom, got into an argument in the dressing room with his partner, Dick Bavetta, grabbed him by the neck and tried to choke him. Earl Strom; Earl Strom. The moment Earl Strom made his first call in he elevated his profession with his sound judgment, integrity, and love for the game. Dick Bavetta Class of Mendy Rudolph Class of John Nucatola Class of Kareem Abdul .

IN RE: The Complaint of Richard Bavetta against Earl Strom. The Board of Directors of the National Association of Basketball Referees, having heard all the testimony along with arguments from both sides and having carefully reviewed said testimony, hereby unanimously find as follows: That Earl Strom's testimony in this matter lacked credibility. Strom and Dick Bavetta are en route to officiate that night’s Laker-SuperSonic game in Seattle when they meet a reporter Strom knows from the old days. Strom offers him a ride. In the car, they.