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Jul 15,  · 11 visitors have checked in at Chubby & Tubby Christmas Tree Lot. O Chubby tree, O Tubby tree: A tradition continues It's been nearly nine years since Chubby & Tubby, with its three crammed-to-the-ceiling variety stores that to so many represented the Seattle they used to know, closed for good in January But it turns out that Chubby & Tubby isn't completely gone. MJD Distributors Garden Center.

Jan 06,  · And every December, each Chubby and Tubby store offered Christmas trees for sale, cheaper than you could find them anywhere else. In the 80s and 90s the price was alway $5 a tree, no matter what size. I’ve talked to people who remembered during the 70s when Chubby and Tubby trees were only $3. The owners sold the trees at a loss. “They’re basically grown wild,” says Greg Reid, president of Alpine Farms, the Port Orchard tree plantation that for decades used to supply Chubby & Tubby with the Christmas trees, and has.

Jan 08,  · After Chubby and Tubby (Irving Frese and Woodrow Auge) passed on, the new owners moved the White Center store to Renton and a more upscale neighborhood. It's scheduled to close in a few days. The neighborhoods around the Aurora and Rainier stores have changed in recent years as most of Seattle moved up the economic scale a cunty.xyzg: christmas tree. Aug 25,  · But Chubby & Tubby was most widely renowned for their fabled cut-rate Christmas-tree tradition, one that saw Auge and Frese collecting small trees cut for clearing electrical line right-of-ways by the power company.