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Mar 30,  · Monster Energy markets its drinks primarily to men using cliched tropes about masculinity. Scantily clad Monster Girls in leather bikini tops serve as brand ambassadors. One beverage is actually called “Assault.” A few years ago, the company gave out Monster branded condoms as a promotional gimmick. Claim: A photograph shows Trojan&#;s latest product: pre-owned cunty.xyz

Screen Test No. for Monster Energy and Trojan Condoms. Viagra + Monster Energy + Trojan Condoms = 'Life's a Party!". Politica Monster Energy referitoare la modulele cookie şi tehnologiile similare explică diferitele tipuri de module cookie şi alte tehnologii similare care ar putea fi folosite pe site, precum şi avantajele oferite de acestea.

Mar 19,  · Monster Energy Condoms. Source(s): cunty.xyz 0 0. Anonymous. 5 years ago. For the best answers, search on this site cunty.xyz Ooookay, you are not average. So, because you are about 2 inches larger than average, an average condom will not fit on you, it would be like shoving a cucumber into a finger condom. You.