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Feb 22,  · I test Pavlov's theory of Classical Conditioning on my roommate Bryan at BGSU. He had no clue why I was shooting him, and he ended up getting pretty angry. T. Jan 08,  · Classical conditioning is a type of learning that happens unconsciously. When you learn through classical conditioning, an automatic conditioned response is paired with a .

Classical conditioning of sexual arousal has previously been demonstrated in human males but not in cunty.xyz by: Jan 23,  · Classical conditioning is a behaviorist theory of learning. It posits that when a naturally occurring stimulus and an environmental stimulus are repeatedly paired, the environmental stimulus will eventually elicit a similar response to the natural stimulus.

Nov 13,  · Unlike other forms of conditioning, such as operant conditioning —where one, for example, performs an action for a reward—the conditioned response in classical conditioning (e. g., the cravings one.