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Charlotte Maria Church (born Charlotte Maria Reed, 21 February ) is a Welsh singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter and political activist from Cardiff, Wales.. She rose to fame in childhood as a classical singer before branching into pop music in By , she had sold more than 10 million records worldwide including over 5 million in the United States. Charlotte Church looks better slimmer - end of story. When people carry on about she is an average size, average for who? I would say her average size which suits her best is a 10/12, not a 14/ My mum is a 14 and looks fantastic whereas myself as a 14 would look huge.

Jul 12,  · Charlotte Church has reached a new low after she was apparently videoed with her underwear around her ankles. In the video, it seems the year-old newly-redhead singer is leaning against the side. Charlotte Maria Church was born on February 21, in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom to Steven Reed and his wife Maria. The couple separated shortly after the child's birth, and she was left in her mother's care.

Feb 13,  · Chubby Charlotte Church has refused to diet. 'No matter what my record label says, I think I can relate to my female fans far more with this figure,' she cunty.xyz Holmes has agreed to have her. All I know is that Charlotte Church is an ugly and fat bitch. That's all I have to say. And by the way you know I'm right, you're just too stubborn to admit it.