Public Humiliation of a male slave 2 - adult male slave training uk


adult male slave training uk - Public Humiliation of a male slave 2

If you are male, submission now is your only hope for survival. Plan to join us monthly on the 3rd Saturday for our worldwide Female Supremacy Support Groups. Other events, such as conventions, Domme Birthday Celebrations, InService® slaveAuctions, and slave Competitions may also be listed here. Oct 17,  · The Salvation Army, which provides safe houses for slavery victims, said the number of British modern slaves it had supported in /18 had almost doubled to 86 - a rise from 44 cases in both.

Welcome to the legendary La Domaine Esemar, the world’s only BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) training chateau — an adult wonderland where wild fantasies become a reality. St. Jacks Reformatory for Wayward boys is designed to explore the subtleties of BDSM while teaching slaves, subs, sissies, fetishists, and other curious boys the art of servitude. Distance, time and other circumstances no longer need to inhibit your servitude and BDSM education.

You are now at our Farm. This is where you will serve out the terms of your contract. As you recall, you agreed to the training course that we have devised. Our course is designed to harden males physically, reduce their weight to a value proper for a healthy male, and to modify their male impulses as required for the service of women. Private Training Workshops offer a combination of thought-provoking theory and practical exercises, which are designed to help you become more comfortable and capable in your chosen BDSM role. Whether you are a submissive, Dominant, switch or kinky couple, the Master offers a course to help you shine in that role.