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First, it’s important to note that simply having opposite-sex friends shouldn’t be threatening to your marriage. That is, unless your spouse is feeling deeply unnerved by it. If your spouse feels threatened by your friendships, you’ll need to be respectful of their feelings. You’ll . Communication is key when having an opposite-sex friend. As long as you both know where the boundaries are, you can create a lasting friendship. Behave as you would with any other friend by being kind, honest, and committed to the friendship. You can be friends with anyone that you get along with.

Whereas opposite-sex friendships have been often defined as a voluntary, supportive, non-romantic association between persons of the opposite sex. Though this definition seems harmless enough in a. Can men and women be just friends? Despite the fact that opposite- sex friends have become more common in the past several decades, it’s a situation recent research shows most people view with.

A plurality (25%), however, indicates they have just one close friend of the opposite sex, and the average among all adults is In general, the number of friends of the opposite sex appears to rise gradually with age, likely a result of bonds that grow over time.