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adult cloth contour diapers - Boy and girl In Wet diapers have sex

Adult Sized Contoured All In One Cloth Diapers This new diaper features a multi-layered interior of soft, comfortable and absorbent cotton gauze and a soft water proof outer layer of polyester. It . Our adult contoured diapers are designed and manufactured by a leading maker of infant cloth diapers. The % cotton threads are woven in a twill weave pattern which makes the diaper 5/5(2).

ContouredAdult Cloth Diapers Our new LeakMaster contoured adult cloth diaper has the absorbency for day or night use. The diaper has four full width layers of absorbent gauze with an interior center pad of six additional layers. Each diaper 5/5(4). Most Absorbent Cloth Diaper Inserts: I Tested 12 Different.

Adult cloth diapers, contour style, are made of soft flannel cloth with an 8-layer center soaker panel for extra absorbency. Our unique fitted, contour-shaped, adult cloth diapers have a trimmer fit, so they .